At the age of 13 I got a camera for Christmas and I have been taking pictures of everything and everyone ever since! I have taken 7 years of actual photography but have found that over the last 19 years I have learned more from people and just taking photos! I like trying new things. I do all kinds of photography. My favorite thing is children. If you wait long enough you can really capture the true child on a photo. I have a degree and Musical Theater, and while I do enjoy being stage, I also enjoy photographing live stage shows. Wedding are a lot of fun and I believe in capturing the entire wedding, from start to finish. I make sure you have a photo of everyone there and I always tell your story! Portrait Photography? YES, I love doing that too. I do nudes (tasteful of course) and also like incorporate body art into some of my work. If you have any questions about my work, or would like to contact, please give me a call. Or visit my website.